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What are London’s Friendliest Boroughs?

To the outsider, London might not seem like the friendliest place, full of hustle and bustle with a reputation for being busy, overcrowded and filled with people only focused on work.

We wanted to get to the bottom of which areas were the friendliest though, so we did some research to try and disprove some of the stereotypes that people outside the capital have on Londoners. After all, our nation’s capital is home to a variety of cultures, industries, attractions and properties.

A real sense of community can be felt in certain places, with some boroughs being particularly friendly and pleasant places to live.

The Pursuit of Friendliness

To get the information we needed, we surveyed residents across ten different London boroughs, which we selected based on average property value, population size and geographical location around London. We gave residents a list of questions to find out their behaviours and attitudes towards their fellow neighbourhood Londoners.

We wanted to know things like how often arguments occurred (if at all), what caused these arguments, whether or not these people would say hello to new neighbours – and if so how long they’d wait to do so, which would all determine just how friendly each borough actually is, or if it’s friendly at all!

The Friendliest Boroughs

The borough of Barnet took the coveted title of London’s friendliest, based on the frequency of arguments between neighbours, Barnet proved to have the least. Tower Hamlets, home to Canary Warf and the Olympic stadium took followed, with millennial hotspot, Camden, famous for its market, taking third place.  

Friendliest Boroughs in LondonThe public’s choices were quite different, Greenwich, with its world-famous park and Royal Observatory came out top with 10% of the public vote. This came ahead of the affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea (8%), home to Harrods and the residence of William and Kate. Camden still retained its top three spot, while, negative perceptions of Barnet have led the city’s friendliest borough, to sit at the bottom of the top ten with 3% of the vote.  

Friendliest Boroughs in London

Overall throughout the whole city noise complaints were the leading cause for confrontation, 22% of clashes came from this. Elsewhere the congestion charge hasn’t seemed to calm the roads down, with parking (9%) being the next most common cause, followed by bins (7%), pets (3%) and children (2%).

Friendliest Boroughs in London

Finally, we looked at how long Londoners in general tend to wait before plucking up the courage to introduce themselves to a new neighbour, 59% would make new residents feel at home within the first week, or perhaps they’re maybe a nosey bunch!

Friendliest Boroughs in London

Final Thoughts

So, if you are perhaps thinking of relocating to London, bear in mind Londoners aren’t as scary as you may think, they’re also quite friendly too, just be sure not to mess with their bins, park properly, keep the noise down, and keep your kids and pets under control! Remember, good neighbours become good friends!

Remember you can always transform your home with some of the quality blinds we have available, if you’d rather your nosey neighbours kept their distance!