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How to Clean and Store Your Blinds & Curtains

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about cleaning blinds using vinegar or magic detergent. Please, save these for something more important. You can clean most of our blinds using a clean, damp cloth, dry duster or a vacuum cleaner.

Like the majority of home accessories and furniture, the better you look after your window dressing, the longer it’ll last you. Follow this short and simple cleaning and maintenance routine regularly to ensure your blinds last you a long time.

Roller Blinds



Thanks to their polyester material, roller blinds are extremely easy to clean. It’s enough to just wipe any dust or dirt off with a damp cloth; if there’re a few stubborn marks, remove them using a sponge or an old soft toothbrush.


To store your roller blind, just roll it up on the tube and put the blind in a box. Ensure your blind isn’t rubbing against any hard surface to avoid pattern and colour damage.

Vertical Blinds



Just vacuum the louvres using a vacuum upholstery attachment to keep your vertical blind clean and fresh. If some slats get stained, you can hand wash slat fabric or put it through a very gentle cycle in the machine. Or use a soft brush to get rid of small stubborn marks.


Take all vertical slats off a headrail. If you want to save space, you can roll up all slats together; the same way they came in. Or you can put all your vertical slats in a box. Don’t bend slats to prevent them from damage.

Venetian & Wooden Blinds



Use a dry duster or a clean, damp cloth to clean your venetian blinds. Or make the job easier using a venetian blind cleaner brush. When cleaning venetian blinds, either wooden or metallic, clean them across the slats, not up and down. Ensure that the water excess is wiped off immediately to avoid your real wood blinds from warping.


Store your blinds in a closed/compressed position. Ensure slats are kept straight and aren’t bent. It’s crucial to store your wooden blinds in dry and cool place, to avoid warping.

Curtains & Roman Blinds



Like most fabric accessories, curtains are easy and convenient to clean. Vacuum your soft cloth blind or curtain using the vacuum upholstery attachment. You can take your soft cloth window dressing to the dry cleaners, remember to remove the cords and bottom bar carefully to release the fabric.


Storing your soft cloth blind or curtain couldn’t be easier. Simply fold it and put it in a box; thanks to the product structure, it won’t take too much of your storage.




Pleated blinds require a bit more time and delicacy to clean. The best option is to clean your blinds using a hoover or duster. Be delicate though to ensure you don’t ruin the pleated texture of a blind.

'Bunch' (compress the blind in the open position) overnight at least once every two weeks to retain crispness in the pleats.


Store your pleated blind in a closed/compressed position. This way it’ll take very little space and will remain its crispness in the pleats. Fix your blind to a headrail with a rod to ensure it doesn’t unfold.




You should treat your shutters as you would any piece of furniture. Use a soft, clean cloth for dusting or even the brush tool on your vacuum. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners.

We advise to check fixing screws periodically for rust and to ensure they have not become loose.


If you ever wish to remove your shutters for some time, store them in a dry, clean place, the same as you would any piece of furniture. Avoid piling up anything on your shutters.

General Rules


While cleaning procedures can differ from type to type, there are some general rules you should follow to prevent blind damage.

  • Do not allow moisture to settle on blinds.

  • Use a clean, damp cloth only to wipe off any dirt or moisture.

  • Do not use detergent or cleaning products to avoid pattern and colour damage.

  • Do not oil or lubricate any part of the blind mechanism. Doing so would potentially cause damage, and any excess lubricant could damage the fabric.

  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the room to prevent mould forming.

We hope this brief instruction will help you to keep your window dressing always clean and in excellent condition. If you need any help or have questions, feel free to contact our customer service at 0370 218 7042.

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